What Places To Visit During Your Holidays in Malaysia

Many tourists visit Malaysia each year on their vacations. They are paying attention to the gorgeous diverse landscape and the cultural diversity that this popular country has to offer. Some holidaymakers stay in self-catering holiday accommodation in Malaysia and they use these holiday homes as a base to explore Malaysia.

There are some stunning holiday villas with swimming pools in the coastal regions of Malaysia. It is also possible to rent self-catering holiday apartments in some of the bigger cities.

The name Malaysia itself suggests that the country is a minuscule of the large Asia. The diversity of culture and the various tourist destinations make Malaysia a unique travel experience. This is a country full of tropical islands, hill stations in Gentry and Cameron Highlands, tropical rain forests, pristine pure beaches and not to forget the city of Kuala Lumpur.


Kelantan has a very long history, records of Kelantan dates back to 8000 to 3000 B.C. This state was ruled by many different countries and till 1941 was under the Japanese rule. In 1963 Kelantan became a part of Malaysia. Kelantan is well linked by road and rail. There are flights, which link Kelantan to Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

Tourist attractions in Kelantan are Kota Bahru, which is its capital city. It is a bustling town famous for its culture and crafts. Jahan Mahmud has a cultural center, which is the living heritage of Kelantan. The Royal Museum is called Istana Batu and was built during the reign of Sultan Ismail. It has a wide range of silverware, furniture and bedroom items on the display. The war museum in Kelantan dates back to 1912 and has many Japanese memorabilia and documents on display. The best time to visit Kelantan is February to May. The July Festival also attracts many tourists.


Malacca the seaside city is 147 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur. The culture here is a mix of Portuguese and Chinese. Malacca was a strategic midway point that provided the link between China and India. It has therefore developed into an international commerce hub. The best time to visit Malaysia is from January to March. Malacca is well connected by beautiful road and rail.


Penang is a small beautiful island state of Malaysia. It is a very popular holiday destination with tourists attracted to its golden beaches, delicious cuisine and warm seas. There are many places to visit in Penang namely Georgetown City, Clock Tower, Penang Bridge, etc. There are some luxurious holiday villas in Penang which are near the sea.


Sarawak the largest state in Malaysia is the land of the fabled white elephants. It is also the home of hornbills. Sarawak has a diverse ecosystem found nowhere else in the world and it attracts many tourists to see this ecosystem. There are many national parks which are very popular with tourists. Many tourists visit Museum, Sunday Open Market, Kuching, Cultural Village, Santuborg Fishing Village and the famous caves.

Malaysia is a beautiful country to visit on your holidays. It has some fabulous holiday home accommodation available to rent from their owners. It is said that some of the best holiday villas in the world are in Malaysia.



The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort and Hotel in Bora Bora

One of the greatest factors of the familiarity of Bora Bora Island is the hotels and resorts in the island. During the past two decades, the number of these resorts and hotels has increased a lot to accommodate more visitors. Moreover, the quality of services available in these resorts is also becoming world class with every passing day. A tourist would never forget to stay in the resorts of Bora Bora. There are some world-class resorts and some low-cost hotels and resorts also. Of all the top rated resorts, St Regis is the most beautiful and familiar tourist resort on the island. It is famous for its enchanting location and variety and quality of available services. Following are some of the factors behind its being costly and most popular.


The most important thing about any hotel and resort is its location. St Regis is one of the most liked resorts of Bora Bora Island because of its prime location. The resort is set in the middle of lush green surroundings and blue Pacific waters. It offers a comprehensive view of the island. The sight of Mount Otemanu is also visionary from this resort. It seems as the Mount Otemanu is towering above the Pacific Ocean. The two remote islands of Tahaa and Raiatea are also visible from this resort. The resort is surrounded by a large number of lagoons and complement to the beauty of surrounding landscape.


The second thing which makes a hotel or resorts popular is the kind of accommodation it provides. St Regis Resort offers many villa style residences for the tourists. There are one bedroom villas, Overwater one bedroom villa, Royal two bedroom pool villa, Royal Overwater two bedroom pool villas, and Royal Estate. Each of these villas has a different number of rooms and squares. There are about 89 rooms in this resort and each is equipped with modern facilities. Each room has a LED and is also equipped with free WIFI facility. The check in time for the resort is 3:00 PM and the check-out time is 12:00 PM.

3-Activities and Facilities

St Regis Resort also gives a lot of facilities to the tourists and there are also a lot of activities they can do. The resort offers both the thrilling and romantic environment to the people. The tourists can enjoy the Polynesian Island tour along with quality dining and breathtaking views of the mountains. There are many over water activities such as water skiing and parasailing and also a lot of underwater activities to see the beauty in depths. These underwater activities include scuba diving, aqua safari, and Dive easy Private Dive.

4-Spa Miri Miri

Another boasted feature of St Regis is the Spa Miri Miri with a lot of fitness facilities. In this Spa, nature seems in abundance. Most of the body treatments are made of natural ingredients. Whether you like to have a massage or want a facial, St Regis offers you the most natural soothing treatment. There are a large number of therapists and aestheticians which provide the tourists a treatment that is the blend of traditional and local beauty products. Yoga classes are also conducted in this Spa to teach and train the visitors about body fitness.

Along with these, there are many other facilities available for visitors in this resort. The children of all ages are allowed to come and enjoy in the resort. There are also different packages announced from the management. These include honeymoon packages, Couples’ Retreat, St Regis Bora Bora Gateway and many others. All these include different facilities including air ticketing.

                              Luxury Resort Le Méridien Bora Bora

Bora Bora Island has a lot of luxury resorts and hotels that offer top quality services to the visitors. Each is built with some innovative style and at an amazing location. Most of the resorts have over water bungalows and rooms. Le Meridien is also among one of those resorts that are preferred by the tourists for their world class facilities. This resort presents a very beautiful view of the main Island. Availability of a large number of facilities makes this a luxury resort. It seems while standing on this resort as if heaven has stepped down to Earth. The views of Mount Otemanu seems captivating from these over water rooms. Almost all the rooms and villas are over water and a very romantic scene is created in the night. Therefore, this resort is considered an ideal staying place for newly married couples. Following are some of the main features of this resort.


Like all other luxury resorts, Le Meridien is also located at a very beautiful 10 KM long islet, Motu Piti Aau. This islet is located in the East of main Bora Bora Island. From a distance, it seems as thatched huts are swimming above the water.


Le Meridien is also famous for its different kinds of accommodation. There are three kinds of rooms in this resort. These are rooms, villas, and suites. All these are equipped with a lot of facilities which make the living quite easier. There are the bed, sofa, WIFI, air-conditioning, coffee or tea maker, separate bathtubs and shower stalls, mini bar, and telephone. The rents of the rooms vary with size and season. In off season it can be obtained at about $ 600-650 and in the months from May to October the rates rise and an average room can be obtained at $ 750-800.

3-Fitness Center

Another very good thing about the resort is the facility of the fitness center. There is a well-equipped fitness center to offer various bodily exercises. There is also a facility of massage and other facial treatments.


Le Meridien Resort is an outstanding place for performing various activities. These include jet skiing, parasailing, Deep sea fishing, and aqua safari. There is also a swimming pool that provides the facility of swimming.

5-Misc Features

This resort is also famous for various features. These are pedal boats, currency exchange lockers, airport transfers, newspapers, laundry services, and daily housekeeping and airport transfers.

To sum, it can rightly be said that Le Meridien resort is an earthly paradise. There are a lot of beautiful features which make it a worth living place.