With summer in the air and everyone enjoying the dog days of summer we can only take a second and enjoy it for it’s barbecues and evening swims. We decided to take a trip this year with friends and spend a little time in Santorini. My Best Friend Curtis is always raving about the scenery and how he is tempted to buy a home there if only he could find a new dependable manager for his OKC Garage Door Company, CCM. He has wanted to move there for years. And after my research I can see why. The views are amazing and it seems to me that there is a great sense of pride in the culture.

Santorini, being an Island you will fall in love with, have lots of attractions to entertain you and make your heart melt with its nature, history, and people of Santorini Greece Island.

There are a lot of places to visit on this beautiful island, here are a few which you cannot miss by any chance!

PERISSA BEACH – ‘the Black Beach’

It’s beautiful beach located southeast of Fira, surrounded by black sand laid across the crystal clear water and the significant features of this extraordinary island are the huge rocks that emerge from within the sea, these rocks are the main attraction of this site and are called the Mesa Vouno. Mesa Vouno rocks shine under the dark sky at night, mesmerizing the beauty of the beach, leaving the tourists speechless. The village also has a variety of bars, restaurants, and taverns for their visitors.


Santorini is famous not only for its sunset, but it also has few exemplary wineries. One of the must visit winery is Santo Winery. It is a great winery that offers an exceptional view of the Caldera and is the BEST if you are planning a wedding here. The staff is really understanding and helpful and the ambiance is quite soothing. Yes, the winery tries selling their own product, but the wines are excellent and this place is definitely the highlight of Santorini Island.


This place is definitely worth for the hiking experience.  There are some steps to climb and it gets a bit risky at the top, but all the effort is definitely worth it. Once you visit the top, the view is just beautiful and it is one of the best sunset spots Santorini has to offer. Make sure you wear some comfortable shoes for this hiking trip.


Santorini is also known for its historic caldera, and this location is on a Caldera Path, Fira which is a wonderful place to see the Akrotiri frescoes. It is a small museum with possibly only 10 displays, yet it is quite an interesting place. The displays are excellent and the workers here are extremely helpful.


A perfectly different place to enjoy and relax. The interior of the Open Air Cinema in Kamari is quite fascinating and the tickets, as well as the popcorns, nachos, cocktails and other snacks, are available at reasonable prices. The sound and picture quality is amazing, the seating arrangements are quite comfortable and you will definitely have a great time here. This is definitely a place you do not want to miss out on!


Ah! The best place for the wine lover. With Cheeses’ and Fine wine you will not be unimpressed with this amazingly upscale restaurant.

So let me know if you ever make it to Santorini to get the sun on your skin and take in all the sights and smells of the coast. I’ll share more photos soon.


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